Our fleet of diverse aircraft allows us to match the right helicopter to the specific job.


MD 500 D & MD 500E
General transmission and distribution jobs, tower transfers, and wire pulling.

Built around the same airframe as the 500-D/E helicopter, the MD530-FF has a 650 horsepower engine, larger main and tail rotor blades, and increased performance at higher altitudes and hotter temperatures.

Eurocopter AS-350
The AS350 series helicopter is a 5-passenger helicopter. We use the A-Star for patrols, crew movements, and general cargo and long line operations.

Sikorsky S-58T (twin engine)
Heavy lifts, concrete pouring, setting poles, positioning steel, and construction material

When needed, we can also lease aircraft to supplement our owned fleet for special projects.





Major helicopter maintenance is done in-house at our Pacoima facility. We also employ field maintenance personnel to support aircraft that are operated for extended periods of time. Summit Helicopter’s Parts Department maintains extensive stock of spare parts to expedite un-scheduled aircraft repairs.

Our computer software suite computerizes all aspects of aircraft maintenance and recordkeeping, parts procurement, and distribution and Operations Department billing. This system is field accessible, allowing most in-house and field maintenance to be paperless.