About Us



There is no job, flight, operation or project deadline worth risking injury. Our safety culture is, “nobody gets hurt!” We have built a hard-fought reputation in our industry as being a company where safety is our foremost priority. We continue to stand our ground and not let external pressures influence our actions or detract from our safety culture.

Our safety program is designed to address our specific and unique work environment. The goal of our program is always zero accidents and zero incidents. We take a proactive approach by hosting an annual safety-training seminar with our employees and on-site supervision. Each and every one of our employees is responsible for understanding and adhering to all safety procedures and regulations. Our safety culture is built on the foundation of prevention.

The work we undertake on the behalf of our customers involves certain inherent risk. It is Summit Helicopters’ responsibility and duty to strive to minimize and mitigate this risk in the work we undertake everyday.